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Nancy Zi

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by Volker Corell


  Welcome to our Website! Do enjoy your visit with us...breathe deeply...breathe steadily...breathe fully... Nancy Zi Singing Mozart

Are you tapping the endless power of breathing?

Breathing Exercises - Deep Breathing

to The Art of Breathing ONLINE. The purpose of this web site is to enhance the lives and personal growth of our visitors by providing breathing instructions, breathing exercises, and breathing meditations. We've provided a number of resources here to help you resolve your breathing problems and acquire total well-being.

THE ART OF BREATHING, with six simple breathing lessons to improve performance, health and well-being, book and companion dvd, can work as a user manual for the imagery breathing machine within your body. This manual will help you understand the structure of your machine, and teach you how to run it effectively, how to maintain it in good condition, and how to fix it when it is out of order, that is when you are having difficulty breathing. THE ART OF BREATHING will show you how to be in control of your breathing, and help you improve your performance, health, and well-being.

Robert feels his anger rise when he's stuck in traffic. Carol's heart races before she makes a speech. Susan often has difficulty getting to sleep. Tom gets winded after just a few minutes of exercise. Others wish to excel at athletics, theater and singing and other endeavors. All of them and you-can improve their lives simply by improving the way they breathe.

Says author Nancy Zi, "Breathing is your most important act -- you do it every moment of your lives, some 20,000 times each day.  Breathing incorrectly can produce tension, exhaustion and vocal strain, and can interfere with athletic activity and encourage aches and illnesses. Breathing correctly, however, nourishes every fiber of your body and soul. Breathe correctly and you can melt away tension and stress, improve energy or simply relax and unwind.

The opposite of effective abdominal deep breathing is shallow breathing.  How do you know if your breathing is shallow?  If you lift your shoulders when you inhale or audibly gasp for air when you speak, you are probably breathing incorrectly.  To find out if you are a shallow breather, try this simple test:  Put your palms against your lower abdomen and blow out all the air.  Now, take a big breath.  If your abdomen expands when you inhale and air seems to flow in deeply to the pit of your stomach, you're on the right track.

However, if your lower abdomen expands when you exhale and compresses when you inhale, you are a shallow breather.  Pulling in your stomach as you inhale creates tension and wastes energy.  Squeezing the abdomen pushes the diaphragm upward, minimizing your lungs' capacity, simultaneously pushing and fighting against the inflow of every breath.  While one is young and in apparent good health, these bits of wasted effort and restrained oxygen intake may not seem apparent, but in time, exhaustion and tension will take their toll on your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Physical posture and physical texture both greatly affect breathing.  In other words, if you have perfect posture and are as stiff as a marble statue, proper breathing is not possible.  We need to texture our body so that it is flexible, soft and supple.  A good, relaxed posture represents a more receptive container into which air can flow deeply and fully.    In today's  busy times, we all have to deal with stress in various forms."

Partial reprint of article by Nancy Zi, Health & Fitness Journal.

 Book 4th Edition
 Co-published by 
 Vivi Co. & Frog Ltd.
 Retail Price $ 15.95
 ISBN # 1-58394-034-0

 239 pages & 93 Illustrations

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 Also 14 applications and 50  Q  & A in  the book
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 " QI Yi, (book & DVD) the new Chinese translation of "The Art of Breathing" have been published 08/01/10 by the Peoples' Medical Publishing House in Beijing, China. QI YI helps spearhead the Country's new program to promote Preventive Medicine."

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" In effective breathing, there is no East or West. True, different cultures have placed different degrees of emphasis on the importance and development of breathing, and have called their techniques by different names. Their ultimate objective, however, is the same: to derive the maximum efficiency from the inhaled breath: to improve performance, health and Well-Being"

Q & A

"By giving your serious consideration to the 50 questions and answers in Part Four, you will share an understanding of problems that others have experienced in their breathing practice..." For more information click here


"With Mandarin voice over by Nina Chein plus Chinese subtitle & 2011 Interactive Menu"