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Workshop Details

April 7, 2001, Saturday, Workshop, "The Art of Breathing" - Focus Respiratory/Nursing Conference, sponsored by Focus Magazine, Cleveland, OH.

Workshop contents:

1.  Understanding the basic functions of the breathing instrument: the lungs, the diaphragm muscle, the lower circumference (lower abdominal, back and side muscles).

2.  Understanding the frequent obstacles to effective deep breathing and how to deal with them: Jaw, neck, shoulder, lower back, and other tensions.

3.  Participation in exercises and imagery drills to develop and experience the threefold benefits of "The Art of Breathing" - increase oxygen intake, cultivate "inner vitality", and develop "centering" for better physical and mental stability.

4.  Understanding how to apply abdominal deep breathing to enhance daily activities, including athletics, speech, and meditation.

Workshop Objectives
1. Be knowledgeable about the inter-related functions of the lungs, the
diaphragm, and the abdomen for the act of breathing.

2. Be able to recognize the common mistakes made in breathing and be able to
correct these mistakes through exercises and imagery drills.

3. Be able to increase oxygen intake, apply inner vitality, and enhance
coordination with ease and control

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