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June 24, 2001, Sunday, 3:45pm - 5:45pm, 2-hour workshop "The Art of Breathing". At The International Breathwork Foundation's  8th Global Inspiration Conference (GIC2001), Uniting In The One Breath, June 22 - 29, Devil's Head Resort & Convention Center, Merrimac, Wisconsin, USA.

This 2-hour lecture/workshop will include attendees' participation in breathing exercises and imagery drills.  Attendees will also experience the application of "The Art of Breathing" technique to enhance their various activities.

Quote from GIC2001 Breathwork News Letter #2 CONFERENCE NEWS:

"Nancy Zi, an IBF member from the USA, will present "The Art of Breathing." The way we breathing affects the well-being of every fiber in us, and everything we think or feel or do.  Breathing incorrectly can produce tension exhaustion, vocal strain and encourage a host of aches and illnesses.  On the other hand, knowing how to control the breath adds a new dimension of control over our performance, health and well-being.  The Art of Breathing course will be distilled in such a way that participants will learn from well condensed, hands-on and spontaneous approach.  They will gain new insight and
ability to practice a sound breathing technique that is universal, inter-cultural, and timeless, and to use this technique to support whatever endeavor they pursue, be it in athletics, theater, singing, yoga, meditation and more."

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