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May 19, 2001, Saturday, Workshop, "Craniosacral Dragon Regimen" 10:00AM -
5:00 PM - a set of ancient Chinese Chi Kung (Qigong) exercises - Wainwright
House, Rye, NY.

The dragon "loong," a mythical creature that represents ferocity, power, and magnificence, was the symbol of the emperors throughout ancient Chinese history.  Legend has it that the Loong Kung, a set of choreographed Chi Kung exercises, was designed exclusively for royalty, for their maintenance of good health, longevity, and virility.  The ancient Chinese Chi Kung masters created Loong Kung to generate, nurture, and encourage the flow of chi throughout the spine, including that which is now known as the Craniosacral system.  It gently limbers, stretches, stimulates, and tones practically every joint, and muscle in the body, invigorating and strengthening the entire system, encouraging it to function at its peak.  This regimen has been described as "The most beautiful movements I've ever seen!  Craniosacral Dragon Regimen will give you the grace of a swan, the power of a panther, the flexibility of a baby, and the focus of a saint." 

The Art of Breathing is a suggested prerequisite for learning The Craniosacral Dragon Regimen effectively.  Shallow breathing disrupts the flow of the breath and chi, thus frequently causes uneasiness and discomfort, especially while practicing Chi Kung.  A sound breathing technique is not only the building block for learning this regimen, but for learning many other worthwhile disciplines as well.

This is sponsored by WAINWRIGHT HOUSE, on the Milton Harbor shores in Rye, New York.  It is "a sacred place to inspire the exploration of spirit, self, our connection to others and the global community."   Wainwright House is the oldest, non-profit, nonsectarian holistic education center in the United States.  For more information and registration, please contact via phone (914) 967-6080, ext. 1222, FAX (914) 967-6114 or email, or write to Wainwright House, 260 Stuyvesant Avenue, Rye, NY 10580.

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