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The Art of Breathing I - 1 pm - 4pm, Saturday, August 14

Breathing is as natural as inhaling and exhaling. We breathe approximately 20,000 times each day. Breathing incorrectly, however produces tension, exhaustion, vocal strain, and encourages a hose of aches and illnesses. This program will offer an overview of the principles of "The Art of Breathing." There will be demonstrations and audience participation through progressive exercises, imagery drills and targeted exercises. You will focus on the application of correct breathing and learn to incorporate these techniques into your daily activities. You will also learn how to recognize the common mistakes made in breathing, and be able to correct the breathing through exercises.

The powerful life energy obtained through proper breathing will improve and maintain your health and well-being. these breathing techniques can aid in the management of stress, increase stamina and enhance speech, singing, athletics, meditation, and more. Specific exercises will be demonstrated and questions from the audience will be encouraged. Nancy will work with participants individually and provide personalize applications for each person's requirements.

You will learn to understand the mechanisms of breath, learn how to reduce tongue, jaw, neck, back and vocal cord tension through breathing exercises and imagery.

Nancy Zi, author of The Art of Breathing, is an internationally known classical singer and voice teacher. She was born in the United States, raised in China, and returned to study in America where she received a Bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance. Nancy Zi was a noted and much-sought-after voice teacher on the staff of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After spending more than 30 years as a successful performer, Zi is now retired and devotes her time to teaching and promoting the benefits of "The Art of Breathing" and Chi Kung. $25.00

The Art of Breathing II - 1 pm - 4 pm, Saturday, August 21

This class will re-emphasize the importance and application of abdominal deep breathing. A set of 8 Chi Kung exercises will be taught in sequence in coordination with abdominal deep breathing. In Chi Kung practice, chi represents the basic vital energy of mankind and the universe. It is vital to our well-being and for sustaining all human activities. These techniques will bolster and nurture "primal chi," which is the built-in vitality that each person is born with. Imagine that primal chi is like an inner battery; unless we learn to recharge its power through proper breathing, exercises, nutrition, and other healthy activities and self care, this chi will dwindle rapidly, and our physical, mental and emotional health will suffer.

As this is a condensed and intensive Chi Kung program, "The Art of Breathing" is a suggested prerequisite. $25.00

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